Assurance and Accounting

Assurance and Accounting

Audit of financial statements

We offer an opinion as to whether your financial position and operations are appropriately reported on your financial statements. This opinion is the highest level of assurance you can receive. Your creditors, lenders, partners and customers will rely on your audited financial statements to make important business and investment decisions.

We follow a proactive and planned audit approach. We begin by evaluating your internal controls and accounting information systems. Secondly, we focus on your financial statements and related accounting records, carrying out extensive audit procedures to verify your figures and analyze the reasons for your account fluctuations. Finally, we propose practical and cost-effective solutions for the improvement of your internal controls and accounting information systems.

In the end, you benefit from credible figures and financial statements prepared in accordance with Canadian Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) or International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) that identify areas for improvement, alert you to concerns before they become unpleasant surprises, and help you confidently move your business forward.

Review of financial statements

We issue a written communication expressing a conclusion regarding the plausibility of your financial position and operation results.

The assurance provided in a review engagement is lower than in an audit. Consequently, the scope of the work associated with a review engagement is significantly less than that of an audit. A review consists primarily of enquiries, analytical procedures, and discussions related to information provided by you, to assess whether this information is plausible and GAAP or IFRS compliant.

Although it provides a lower level of assurance that an audit, a review engagement is nevertheless a viable, cost-effective method of reporting credible financial information to various stakeholders.

Compilation of financial statements

You need financial statements to make intelligent business decisions and file income tax returns. We can take your financial records and present them in logical, professional and concise formats that will enable you to meet your business objectives.

Our financial statement preparation software is compatible with most accounting packages and provides us with a cost-effective and quick approach to meet your financial reporting needs.


We can assist you in organizing and/or managing your bookkeeping activities. Our meticulous and detail-oriented approach will help you benefit from accurate financial information on demand. We will handle your payroll and sales-tax filing obligations while you focus on your business.

Accounting support

Although you may have an accounting department that handles the recording and reporting of financial transactions on a daily basis, we can provide your in-house service with continuous support. Whether it is for an inquiry regarding the recording of a complex transaction or assistance in preparing internal financial reports, our professionals are there to help your staff by eliminating the guesswork from the accounting process.