Income taxes present a significant portion of a corporation’s and/or an individual’s cash outflows. Our proactive approach ensures you maximize your after-tax cash flow or disposable income by minimizing the amount of income taxes you may have to pay. We are always up-to-date with tax laws and legislation, which enables us to provide you with effective and smart tax planning strategies to reduce your current and future tax liabilities. Furthermore, we will ensure all your compliance needs are met accurately and in a timely manner. Our expertise and knowledge are available to you throughout the year. Let us show how to save money.

Services we provide include the following:

Tax planning for individuals

There are many ways to reduce an individual’s tax burden. Our proactive focus aims to increase your family’s disposable income. Whether you are employed, retired, self-employed, an immigrant or planning to emigrate from Canada, the family member of a deceased individual or are in any other particular situation, we can help.

Tax planning for corporations and their shareholders

A reduction in corporate taxes translates to an increase in business cash flow. You can choose to reinvest or retain annual corporate net earnings in your company, or distribute them among shareholders. We can help you make the right decision while meeting your current and future business and personal financial objectives.


We prepare Canadian and United States income tax filing obligations for individuals (including self-employed), corporations, estates/trusts, charitable organizations and non-profit organizations.

We use the latest and most trusted software applications to accurately prepare and file your income tax returns, which are always meticulously reviewed for errors. We make sure your filing obligations are met and penalties are avoided.

Provincial and federal sales tax planning and compliance

Regardless of the industry or location of your business transactions, we are the answer to your sales tax needs.

Tax effective retirement and estate planning

Transferring your business to the second generation can be a daunting task. Our proven methods and solutions will help you retire early, while your business continues to grow. We can design an estate plan that will enable you to transfer your life savings to your loved ones in a tax-efficient manner, and play an important role in the implementation of that plan.

United States taxation services

Although our countries have very strong economic ties and are only separated by a common border, our tax laws and legislation are significantly different. Whether you are a cross-border employee, a US citizen or a green-card holder; whether you own or plan to acquire a vacation or investment property in the US; or whether you are a student in a US university/college, you may have US tax filing obligations. Let us deal with Uncle Sam.

Research and development tax credits

Our network of consultants specializing in this area can assist you in identifying eligible projects, and document the report according to governmental requirements.

Voluntary disclosure

This is a special program offered by Federal and Provincial tax authorities, which allows taxpayers to disclose, on a voluntary basis, current or previous tax reporting (i.e. unreported business or investment income and foreign accounts, etc.) or tax filing delinquencies without paying any penalties associated with those failures. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure your request under the program is successfully assessed.